and you're wishing you could set it right, and you're wishing you could stay the night

i miss love i think
picture by me, taken at bon iver at hollywood forever cemetery


some new stuffz

all self-developed, no editing


the pain you inflict, the sweet nothingness that flutters from your lover's mouth

some of my favorite photographers (but not all). i think i have a thing for hair, girls, love, sleeping, smoking and skin.

skye parrott, jason nocito, ryan mcginley, hilary walsh, nacho alegre 
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take it all back

Life is boring, except
for flowers, sunshine,
your perfect legs.
A glass of cold water
when you are really thirsty.
The way bodies fit together.
Fresh and young and sweet.
Coffee in the morning.
These are just moments.
I struggle with the in-betweens.
I just never want to stop loving
like there is nothing else to do,
because what else is there to do?

photo credit: margaret durow


i ran it all through in my head, those simple words that you said

new favorite song

The One by Alex & Sam

I saw them perform at a warehouse last night after the screening of Before the Cabin Burned Down, a short film by Shane Zwiner who's a friend of my sister. It featured original music by Alex & Sam. 

The film itself made me very nostalgic. And the song is beautiful. 


soft and sweet

Now how I remember you
How I would push my fingers through your mouth to make those muscles move
that made your voice so smooth and sweet
and Now we keep where we don't know
all secrets sleep in winter clothes
with one you loved so long ago
now he don't even know his name

photo credit: margaret durow



I have beautiful friends.

everything i love

this is a simple way to display everything evocative that i love. and that is that.
i do not need response or critique.
i do not claim the rights to most of these photos (mostly from ffffound or other various blogs) unless noted otherwise (or taken by me)!