went to tahoe yesterday night. it was nice to see lots of stars and breathe piney fresh air and talk about venn diagrams, existence and linear time.



my new favorite image

how could you resist snoop in front of an army of animated gummy bears?



i have experienced sleep paralysis frequented with hypnagogic hallucinations the last two times i have napped during the daytime. in college it happened near weekly. sleep and i have quite the strange relationship.

on another note, i am nineteen now. my actual birthday was themed "it's my party i can throw up out of my car window by 11 am in the morning if i want to."


janglin' soul

seattle consisted of exploring, thrifting, drinking 40s and carlo, listening to runaway gypsy bands, watching harry potter and being homeless. two and a half months until school. 8 more days until i turn nineteen. hooray for odd numbers; even ones are too round.