this made me giggle.

Appetite For Deconstruction

What should literary critics eat? It is an important question. Please refer to this comprehensive guide, and dine according to your loyalties.

•American pragmatism: Burgers, medium-rare

•Cultural studies: Eat whatever you want, but think about it a lot

•Deconstruction: Fusion cuisine

•Gender studies: Sausage and a smoothie

•Marxism: Boiled cabbage

•New Criticism: Don’t think, just eat

•New Historicism: Quinoa hardtack with pork belly gravy

•Post-colonialism: McDonald’s

•Psychoanalysis: Oysters, raw

•Phenomenology and Hermeneutics: Several cigarettes and one ├íperitif

•Queer Theory: Vegan muffin

•Reader Response: Shabu-shabu

•Semiotics: Elaborate salad of many constituent vegetables

•Russian Formalism: Slice of black bread with the crusts cut off

•Postmodernism: Dippin’ Dots

•Eco-criticism: WHO CARES!

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